become tomorrow.

We are a digital product builder for the healthcare, mobility and energy industries.
Our focus is on data-driven business models.
Our assets are our valuable and experienced data and biz experts.
For solving your today’s challenges we analyze your current data, optimize existing processes and implement tomorrow’s technologies.

And if you are as convinced of the product as we are, we will transform it into a scalable company together with you.

Professional, reliable, fast: The Impact Farm!

services. digitalisation and products for startups and corporations.

Our digital expertise
Your domain knowledge
Our network and technology level is excellent. Our focus is on time and expertise: We impress with small, well-coordinated teams with years of experience in developing products from scratch. The Impact Farm provides everything from startup-experienced business developers to agile lawyers to industry-experienced data analysts. We do not follow a specific digital technology, but rather the best solution for your challenge in the shortest possible time. Together.
A screw only works perfectly and efficiently with the right screwdriver. This is exactly how it is in the digital world: You know your industry best and your products also fit today's market. In order to survive in "tomorrow" too, we enrich with digital know-how and the right tools. Ideally, this creates a new business model or even a new company. Together.

MVPs in short time to test your idea and not to burn your budget pointlessly

Digitization as helpful process optimization tool and not as an end in itself

New Biz models as a result that boosts sales with potential to spin-off

our values.why we are capable of doing what we do.

Values are the real key to deliver great results.
The people we work with are hand picked by the values necessary to build great products.

  • we are operational.

    prototypes beat slides.

  • we share progress.

    great results can only be achieved together.

  • we are people loving their work.

    skills can be taught.

  • become better every day.

    good is not good enough for us.

our process.quick results, guaranteed.

We have a bias for action and are committed to have results within 100 days.
We will closely team up with you to extract a minimum viable business case, prototype it within the first month and pilot it after 100 days.

Data collection
Data collection
Define solution
Conception, Design and Development of Pilot
Further development of the product

our customers.startups and corporates.

our leadership.the ideal combination of business and tech.

our contact
Watzlawick says people can't not communicate. let's talk.

At the beginning of every innovation there is an exchange of people with domain knowledge and digital expertise. A common understanding of ideas and solutions is essential to successfully plan and run a business. There are no stupid questions and we will not provide any arrogant answers. Only a mutual understanding at eye level will lead to trust and success. Together.

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